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Want to Look Beautiful Even Without Make Up? Follow These Tips!

       Ledis, are you one of those girls who are not fond of grooming? Sure, girls are often required to be able to dress up to support the appearance. But in fact, not all girls are comfortable to appear with a face that is decorated with various kinds of makeup.

Take it easy, that's fine. You do not need to be inferior if you are more comfortable or prefer to look natural and what it is. Not wearing makeup does not necessarily make you so ugly and unattractive. The important thing is you have to be confident in your own style.

Because Beautiful Not Just Belong To Those Like Make Up, You Who Do not Like Dressing Can Also Look Charming!

Then how you can look beautiful and charming without makeup? Take it easy, this time Ledisia will love you tips and tricks to keep you fabulous even if not grooming!

1. Drinking water is the simplest and easiest way to keep skin beautiful.
The first key to the face can look pretty natural though not wear makeup is diligently drinking water. Drink enough water without having to wait until thirsty.

If all this time you rarely drink water, just make your skin look less fresh and radiant. White water has a vital function for skin health, which is to keep skin moisture so fresh, soft and not dull. If the face looks fresh and smooth, you've one step look more beautiful!

2. Want to look beautiful means have to want to live healthy. Exercise for a fit body and a fresh face.
Sports routine makes beautiful
Do not have to exercise every day really Ledis! Just adjust it to your schedule. But promise to continue to be consistent exercise routine, whether it's every two days or 3 times a week.

The natural beauty begins with the health of your body. Exercise will maintain the fitness and health of all your organs. Evil fats burn, metabolism and blood circulation smoothly, so it can be sure the face will always look more clean, fresh and shining.

3. If you do not like to dress up, at least you should like and diligent to nourish your face with a moisturizer!
always wearing a moisturizer
Wear a moisturizer is a must! It is true, water is useful to moisturize the skin, but that alone is not enough. Wear moisturizer will help moisturize the skin from the outside, so it is not easy to dull, dry, and wrinkled.

Moisturizers are also useful for protecting the skin from UV rays, and can even treat up to repair facial skin damaged by acne etc. Wear a moisturizer every time after washing your face.
4. With or without makeup, you are still required to do facial treatment. Do facials to keep skin clean.
Routine facial
Having a clean and shining face, will make you more confident, and still look pretty dazzling even without face makeup!

Perform facial rituals regularly to clear blackheads, pimples, and dead skin cells that make your face so dull and dirty.

It would be great if you do it once a week. If you do not have time, do at least 2x in a month. You can also own facial lho, by following the way in this article!

5. Scrub your lips dry and cracked so you do not look like sick people.
srub lip
Dry lips, shattering and peeling will definitely make your appearance a mess! Let alone without makeup, wear makeup alone will still look ugly. Therefore, do not just focus on taking care of facial skin, but also the lips.

How to get rid of dry and flaky lips skin is easy anyway. Do a natural lip scrub that is easy and convenient to do. There are many natural ingredients that you can use for lip scrubs, such as sugar, toothpaste and honey.

6. Use lip balm to keep your lips moist, healthy, and look sexy!
wear lip balm
Beautiful lips and sexy lips are fresh and not dry. In addition to preventing dry and cracked apart, in addition to diligent drinking water you should always wear lip balm. Lip balm is not only useful for moisturizing, but also refreshing and protecting the skin of the lips.

Even today a lot of lip balm products from famous brands that contain vitamins needed by the skin. Lip balm can also give a little color to your lips so you do not look too pale.

7. For the face that looks firm, frame your face with a neat eyebrow and in accordance with the shape of the face.
Tidy your eyebrows
If your eyebrows include irregular eyebrow type, then it would not hurt to tidy up the shape a bit. Clean the small hairs on the edges up and down.

Then shape your eyebrows by cutting or shaving in accordance with the shape of the face, making it look more presentable and make your face look firmer.

8. Maintain your natural beauty by continuing to consume healthy foods and drinks!
Apply a healthy lifestyle. Everything that is healthy will produce something beautiful as well. Pay attention to the pattern and intake of food and beverages that you consume.

Avoid foods and drinks that can obviously have a bad effect on your body. Make vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods as your favorite food. Believe me, your skin will look healthy, and the face becomes more beautiful natural.

Apparently, look pretty natural without makeup can be started with simple ways ya Ledis? For you who do not like to dress up, must really to try this one tips. Good luck!

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