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Tips, Strategies, and How to Lose Weight You Need to Know

     It seems everyone is racing to give advice on how to lose weight on you. Not infrequently, advice that should help your weight loss program keep you in a state of confusion about what you should choose. Many of these weight loss tips are proven successful and successful, but not infrequently many suggestions and how to lose weight is wrong.

In essence, since everyone is unique, how to lose everyone's weight is unique. It is you who must decide what way you might adopt as your new lifestyle. Here are the basics of how to lose weight you should know so that the diet program you choose will lead you to success.

1. Commitment to Change
The main thing is not actually how to lose weight, but the mot
ivation, passion and reason why you want to change. Commitment will be more durable and durable when based on the motivation and the right reasons. Know that losing weight and maintaining ideal weight is a lifelong dedication. Instead of focusing your mind on 'diet', focus your mind on the bigger goal of getting a healthy body. Think about why you should change and lose weight, and make this excuse as your burning spirit.

2. Make a goal or goal SMART
How to lose a good weight should be closed or disampinya with what goals you want to achieve. Make sure you have a SMART diet plan:

  • Specific
  • Measurable - can be measured
  • Achievable - can be achieved
  • Realistic
  • Trackable - monitorable

First, choose a specific goal or goal, such as to buy clothes with a smaller size within 3 months. A floating gameplay, like 'want to be skinny' with no clearer details will not bring your spirit and motivation. Decide also the size you want to achieve, such as decrease the number of jeans to 29 in 6 months or lower 0.5 kg-1 kg in one week. Having realistic goals can also help you not to be too disappointed if your goals are not met. Forget the desire to be able to wear the size of the pants 1 smaller number in one week. Disillusionment in the diet can undermine your passion and commitment.

The study states that those who have small, specific and realistic goals will greatly assist their diet program and keep adding to the spirit when the small goal is achieved. Keep in mind that this small achievement when accumulated will be great.

3. Try New Things
You often hear that in order to live healthy, you must eat oatmeal, fiber and fruit. Maybe you are trying this method, one day will be bored with the food you should eat. Make variations to avoid getting bored. For example by replacing the apple you normally consume with a mango. Or misalanya replace the mustard vegetables that you often eat with watercress. Substitutions like these help you keep getting the benefits of the food and monitor boredom.

4. Friendly with Fiber
How to lose weight that has been widely approved and applied in Western countries is to consume a lot of fiber. A research center in the United States says that fiber is a good substance to fight weight gain and obesity. Examples of fibrous foods are vegetables, fruits, rice, especially brown rice and wheat. High-fiber foods will help the stomach feel full longer because it takes a longer time to digest the fiber. Moreover, fibrous foods usually contain low calories. So, make your friend's fiber.

5. Take advantage of your Gadget
We live in the age of modern technology, where almost everyone has a gadget in the form of a smartphone or tablet. Take advantage of this facility to help your life, including in losing weight. Downloading apps that can record about food diaries, the right way to exercise, pedometers or walkthroughs can be a successful way to lose weight. Studies made by the health institutions of lungs, heart and blood vessels in America say that people who diligently recorded and make food diary 2x more weight loss than those who do not record the food they eat. So, use the facilities you have as a way to lose weight.

6. Stay Physically Active
Setting your diet is important, but being committed to regular exercise will greatly help you lose excess weight. How to lose weight is indeed a cliché, but now regular exercise is a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is not only used as a way of losing weight, but also highly recommended because it can increase life expectancy, prevent you from various diseases and also good for your psychological health. When busy so do not have time to exercise special, achieve the goal of walking 10,000 steps per day. Invest your money on a pedometer, or as simple as downloading a pedometer app on a smartphone. People who walk 10,000 steps per day can prove to lose weight and keep blood pressure at normal limits.

7. Involve your Relatives
Involve anyone who can have a positive influence on you, be it your spouse, relative or coworker. If necessary, also involve experts in losing weight eg doctors, nutritionists or fitness trainers. The person you involve can provide positive moral support and also be your discipline.

8. Think About Your Obstacles
Try to think, during a diet program you've ever tried, what one thing or challenge that always hinder your path to success. Whether it's a sabbatical and you overeat, or when you're stressed and venting it to food. Thinking about the challenges you face can be a way of losing weight because you can look for solutions to these problems before starting to get back to your diet. Remember to be realistic in solving this problem. If necessary, record your ideas in your personal journal as a reminder and guidance of your diet program.

The effort to lose weight sometimes feels like you are entering into a battlefield. You need a strong strategy and foundation when fighting against excess weight. Remember to always obey the commitment you make when entering into any diet program. In conclusion, the diet method does determine the final outcome of the diet, but determining the basic strategy of how to lose weight is crucial and crucial in the diet program.

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