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how to lose weight 10 kg in 1 week naturally

     How to lose weight 10kg in a week can be done by everyone and not something impossible. Especially today there are various methods that can be taken to reduce weight quickly either through treatment or naturally. the market itself there are many types of products sold but of course we must be vigilant because not a few weight loss drugs that he said powerful and safe but in fact the results are not proven, severely there are more side effects and new problems for health.

if so then the natural way is the best solution to gain ideal body weight. Natural way is selected enough people who are obese because in addition to safe to use also powerful weight loss. indeed this way is not easy to require perseverance and consistent in running it, but if you want to try to lose weight 10 kg in a week is not impossible to get

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In the weight loss program each person would have their respective targets for example down 10 kg within a week. this target can certainly be achieved with some special steps naturally but safely and nourish the body. In general, both women and men to get a slim body willing to do various ways to lose weight. this is done in order to maintain the appearance and increase their confidence, especially those who work by giving priority to appearance.

Tips to lose weight 10 kg naturally

Set the Diet for a Week
In order for weight to go down quickly then you have to adjust your diet properly. You can start with a breakfast menu with 300-400 calorie foods. for example by eating rice 100 grams plus one cup vegetables and 1 piece of fish.

Meanwhile, the info we quote from some health experts to reduce weight 10 kg you can set the diet for 1 week as follows:

On the first day consuming healthy and light foods, such as fruit. On the second day consume lots of healthy and fresh vegetables. On the third day combine them with fruits and vegetables. On the Fourth Day eat sliced ​​and milk. At the fifth eat a bowl of small rice plus tomatoes. On the sixth day of plant foods and at lunch, consume a small bowl of rice. and On the seventh day eat a small bowl of rice and all the vegetables you like and to get rid of toxins in your body can drink fruit juice.

Avoid fatty foods
Avoiding fast foods that contain lots of fat is harmful to health one way to lose weight 10 kg a week. subtract from your favorite snacks replace with fruits, wholemeal crackers in unison of low fat cheese, roasted vegetables or boiled replacements of potato chips.

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Sufficient water needs
Water is good for health, besides white water can help men and women to lose weight. because it is necessary to meet the needs of water by drinking at least 10 glasses every day. then avoid the type of sweet drinks that contain artificial sweeteners.

Drinking The Green
Green tea contains the highest catechins and antioxidants that can speed up calorie burning. drinking green tea on a regular basis can make you lose weight or go down.

Exercise is healthy with exercise will sweat the body to burn fat in the body that makes weight down. you can do sports such as running, cycling, gims etc. try every day to do activities that can sweat so burn fat in the body.

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In doing all activities to run smoothly and the results in accordance with the expect then it needs to focus. as well as in the process of weight loss, you have to focus and not be tempted by anything else so that weight can go down quickly as desired.

So tips on how to lose weight 10 kg a week naturally. hopefully the above info can be useful to help you to get the ideal slim body safely, fast and healthy.

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  1. With this being said, to fully understand how to lose weight and keep it off, we all need to come to an understanding of how our bodies work pertaining to dieting. Dieting

  2. In this way, in the event that we eat 2200 calories however just consume 2000 we can hope to put on weight at a rate of 1 pound each 17 days.