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20 ways to whiten the face naturally easy and fast

      Everyone who is both women and men would want a healthy face, white and clean, of course, to get a dream face requires adequate care, both from within and outside, keeping the skin from the inside in a natural way, such as eating fruits and vegetables so as to provide adequate nutrition and vitamins according to your skin needs, well how to keep the skin from the outside? of course by trying the natural ingredients that are around you.

Actually quite a lot of ingredients that can whiten the face naturally that we rarely know, although we often hear from the media, if you are one part of the people who want or crave a pretty face naturally then we suggest to try natural materials of course easy to get.

What natural ingredients are useful to brighten the face? of course, many ingredients that contain good vitamins to keep skin health, especially facial skin that will give you confidence, beauty products now prefer the natural ingredients to make various cosmetic tools but the higher price thus making us hard to get it.

If the materials in the process as a beauty tool can we get directly from the source, for what we buy the product with a high price? we just make your own natural recipe made from the main leaves or fruits that are around us.

Well before we treat facial skin problems we better know first what makes our face dull and less shining, of course there are factors that we can rarely know in everyday activities. there are some things that can make the skin black or dark faces that ruin your appearance.

- Hang out at night

One of the bad habits that can damage your skin condition is staying up all night, because the hormones in your body will come out at night and the pores of your skin will open so that your skin is tired, so it's not just you who need rest, facial skin you also need rest.

- Because of Cigarette smoke

The content of nicotine in cigarette smoke can damage cells on your skin, what else you like to smoke in this closed room can harm the pores of the skin, so your face will look dull and unhealthy.

- Consume less Fruits

There may be some people who are not so fond of eating fruits then the skin will look dark wrinkles and not nourishment, By providing adequate nutrition and vitamins for your skin from the inside then you have done a good skin care from the inside, fresh fruits will be able to make the skin feel healthy, white, and clean, what else you want to provide nutrients and vitamins skin outside by utilizing a fresh fruit mask.

20 Ways to Whiten Faces Naturally Easy and Fast
Well, by knowing some common causes that can damage the beauty of the skin, we can familiarize ourselves to keep the things listed above, but we must keep the skin from the outside so that the skin can be as we want, here we have collected some natural ways to whiten face easy and fast, anyway the material that is around us only, what are the natural ingredients to brighten the face? Let's see ... !!

1. How to Whiten Face with Tomato Mask
Indeed, tomatoes have many benefits for beauty, especially facial skin beauty, how? we can use tomatoes as a face mask, antioxidant content in tomatoes can protect your skin from Ultraviolet rays during the day, especially for those of you who frequent outdoor activities.
   -How to make.
Fetch 2 fresh red tomatoes and puree with blander add a little lemon juice, then apply on the face to avoid the eyes, let a few minutes and clean with warm water, do at night before bed so that your skin will be maintained from outside well.

2. Whiten the face with Aloe Vera
Aloe vera, some people rely on aloe vera for hair care, indeed yes mucus in this leaf has a variety of remarkable properties, but how to whiten face with aloe vera? yes, aloe vera contains Vitamins A, B, C and E that are able to give a positive effect to your bright skin quickly.
  -How to make
How to brighten the face with aloe vera we do not need to process this leaf with other materials, just you separate the mucus on the leaves of aloe vera and directly you apply all the facial skin, and let stand for 20 minutes then wash with water, do this way at night or morning day, the content of aloe vera is very safe for skin care.

3. Whiten face with Sari Bengkoang
Clearly we see a picture of bengkoang fruit on the bottle or beauty products, this means the fruit is the main ingredient to keep skin moist, Now we can now try How to whiten face with Bengkoang, the content of Bengkoang fruit contain high vitamin B and C so it can take care of skin face well.
   -How to make
How to whiten the face with bengkoang we can use the juice of this fruit, peel the fruit bengkoang and grate and squeeze until the water out of the dregs, and pour on a container and let stand for 15 minutes until there sediment below, then separate the sediment Bengkoang earlier and apply all face let stand for 20 minutes clean with water, use regularly 1 times a day.

4. White Egg and Lime
Protein content in eggs will nourish your facial skin well and the antioxidant content of lime will also protect your skin from the dangers of UV rays, so that the skin will be well preserved throughout the day.
   -How to make
How to whiten face with egg and lime mask, Fetch 1 egg chicken and separate the egg whites then shake until foamy white and add lime juice, then olaskan whole face let it dry to dry, using lime then the smell of fishy on egg will be lost, do this way at night before bed.

5. With Papaya Mask
Who would have thought the fruit that we always make fresh juice can be useful to brighten the face, How to enlighten the face with Papaya? Like abiasa papaya fruit dapapt used as a natural mask as a facial treatment from outside, papaya fruit has bleach properties for good skin cells.
   -How to make
How to make a papaya mask to whiten the skin is very simple, we do not need to add other ingredients simply by smoothing 1 slice of fresh papaya fruit with Blender and apply all over the face let stand for 20 minutes so that the content and coolness in this fruit can be perceived by the skin pores you, use a papaya mask at night before bed.

6. With Olive Oil and Sugar

Whiten face With Olive Oil and Sugar
Olive oil is very powerful to brighten faces that contain black fleks and dead skin cells due to acne scars, olive oil also provide adequate nutrition for your skin, for maximum results add a little sugar.
   -How to make
How to care for the face with olive oil, the way it is very easy to add a little sugar into the olive oil and apply evenly on your face, do not forget to give a little massage for 20 minutes and clean the face with cold water, this way you can do 2 times in a day.

7. Brighten the face with Honey

How to Brighten Faces with Honey

Natural honey stores a variety of benefits in it, how not the natural fluid from the results of these bees can take care of your skin from the outside and inside, honey contains antiseptics that can lift free radicals that attack the pores of your skin, honey can also prevent premature aging, brighten your face with honey?

How to whiten your face with honey is very simple, just apply a natural honey on the face evenly, and let about 20 minutes so that the content in honey can be absorbed by your skin and wash with water, you can try this way every day.

8. With cucumber fruit
Cucumbers also include fruits that are very powerful to maintain and care for your skin from premature aging, the nutrients and minerals in the cucumber can eliminate dull on your skin, so it will look white glow.
   -How to make
Immediately you slice a small cucumber and stick all over your face and let stand for 20 minutes while enjoying a cool feeling on your facial skin, to get maximum results you can also smooth the fruit and paste the entire face to be evenly distributed, do at night and see the results.

9. Orange and Turmeric
In addition to orange cucumber also play an active role to brighten the face naturally, the high vitamin C content in citrus mempu provide extraordinary benefits for facial treatment thoroughly, you can make orange juice for the consumption or you use on the skin of the face from the outside.
   -How to make
How to whiten the face naturally with oranges and turmeric, prepare 1 fresh orange juice, and turmeric powder and stir until it becomes a paste and apply as a mask all over the face, you can silence the mask on the face until the morning, and rinse thoroughly tomorrow, use this method on a daily basis.

10. Using Strawberry and Milk
Strawberry fruit contains a lot of Ellagic very good to overcome black spots on your skin, other than that Strawberry fruit is also very powerful to overcome the dull skin due to damage, and help heal the scars due to acne and blackheads.
   -How to make
Blend Strawberry fruit and mix a little milk until thick and apply all over your face, let stand a few minutes and rinse with clean water, you can use this material every day on a regular basis to get maximum results.

11. Utilizing Potatoes
Potatoes help keep your skin looking dark and cleanse dead skin cells quickly, this fruit also contains vitamin C and its properties that can whiten the face naturally, how to process it?
   -How to make
How to brighten a face with potatoes, you just peel potatoes and input in Blender wait a few minutes until the potatoes smooth and add a little water apply all your facial skin, let stand for 15 minutes then wash with water, you can apply this method at least 2 times a week regular and regular.

12. Rice Flour

Whiten face with Rice Flour

Did you know rice flour is useful to brighten the face naturally? on rice flour there are antioxidants that can kill toxins that are harmful to your skin, such as vehicle fumes during the day, then at night you can try to use this natural ingredients.
   -How to make
You can create your own natural rice flour and clean from other ingredients, get 1 glass of rice and mashed until smooth and mix warm water to taste, then apply on your face, let stand for about 15 minutes, then the cool feeling on your face will feel, do the way this at night before bed.

13. Utilizing Rice Water

How to Whiten Face with rice water

If you are lazy to make rice flour, then your choice can try to use rice water to brighten the face naturally, rice water contains lots of Vitamin B that helps nourish your skin from the outside, but use natural rice without mixture of other ingredients.
   -How to make
Bring some unripe grips of rice, then put in a glass and add a little water and then shake it until the water is white, well this is the water you will apply on the entire face, while doing a little gentle massage, and let stand for 20 minutes then rinse back your face with clean water, do this natural way every night before bed.

14. Salt and Lemon

Whiten face with Salt and Lemon

Lemon contains extraordinary vitamin C so it is suitable for various facial treatments, lemon and salt is not only able to brighten your facial skin but can reduce the oil on facial skin, so that acne and blackheads will decrease rapidly.
   -How to make
Cut the freshly squeezed lemon juice and put in a place of mixture with a little salt, then apply on face while gently rubbing with fingertips for a few seconds, let stand a few minutes then rinse with clean water. do this every day until you get the maximum results.

15. Coffee Scrub and Sugar

How to Whiten Face with coffee and sugar
Maybe you rarely listen to the benefits of coffee for the face, but in the area outside the coffee used to brighten the face or other treatments, high Caffeine content in coffee can lift dead skin cells quickly, but you have to add a few spoons Sugar so that the process can be faster .
   -How to make
You can make a natural Scrub made from coffee and sugar, provide a few spoons of coffee and sugar and add a little warm water, then apply on the entire face of skin let stand a few minutes so that the coffee content can be absorbed by your pores perfectly, do this on day or night.

16. Brighten Faces with Yogurt

How to Brighten Faces with Yogurt

Maybe you have never heard Yogurt, Yogurt is made with a mixture of cow's milk and natural soybeans, but always dominated by cow's milk, Yogurt contains high Lactic acid and protein contained in cow's milk, with this content Yogurt is also useful to lighten the face naturally and safe, the nature of Yogurt also gives a bright effect on your face, if its use regularly.
   -How to make
How to whiten face with yogurt? The way is very easy you live buy a natural Yogurt but fits that without taste, if you just apply it on the face evenly and let stand for 10 minutes alone, wash with water, do this way 2 times a day, ie morning and night .

17. Banana Mask

how to whiten face with banana mask

For those of us who live in Indonesia banana is not a rare fruit, because this fruit in addition to easily obtained the price that includes terpjangkau, making it easier for us to make a banana mask as a natural ingredient to brighten the face, the content of vitamins and minerals in bananas will make skin brightener which is dull, and helps lift dead skin cells quickly.
   -How to make
How to whiten the face with a banana mask is not a difficult thing, you just look for a banana that is cooked and still fresh, puree banana until smooth and add a little olive oil, just 1 tablespoon olive oil for 1 banana, then stir until evenly distributed and thick, apply the entire face let stand for 15 minutes, here you can feel the cool banana mask on the face, then rinse with warm water, do this way at night so your skin is white and glowing.

18. Avocado Mask

How to Whiten Natural Faces with Avocado Mask

In addition to avocado bananas also help you get healthy facial skin and clean, avocado fruit is not a fruit that is difficult to obtain, with a very affordable price you can make your own avocado mask, the content of avocado is very good to keep your facial skin moist and cure irritation on your facial skin due to acne scars.
   -How to make
How to whiten the face with avocado is not difficult, in making this natural mask we do not need to add other ingredients, enough with 1 ripe avocado. puree avocado flesh and add a little thick water like pasta, then apply on the skin of your face, let stand for 20 minutes, then rinse with clean water, you can make and use avocado fruit at night only.

19. Apple Mask and Honey

How to whiten face with Apple Mask and Honey

Have you ever listened to an apple mask? if not you can try it, apples do have a slightly high price but for the benefits and efficacy of the apple is very remarkable, especially for facial perawatn regularly, the apple fruit contain high Vitamin C is very good for maintaining your facial skin and prevent premature aging,
   -How to make
How to whiten face with apples, How to make apple mask is very easy, just in this recipe we need a little honey, how to make it puree 1 apple with blander then add 1 tablespoon natural honey and a little lemon juice, if it is, pour the mask in a place and the input to the refrigerator about 15 minutes, if you have all the face and let stand on your skin for 15 minutes then wash with clean water, use this natural mask at night so that your skin feel cool and the efficacy of the apple.

20. Wash your face

Whiten the face with Diligent Face Wash

One simple way to whiten the face is to regularly clean the facial skin with clean water regularly at least 2 times a day, with you diligently wash your face during the day regardless of activities, let alone outdoor activities will help remove dirt and dust that sticks to the pores -Pore skin of your face, so your skin will always be clean, to more perfect use also soap cleanser face in the market.

Those are some natural ways to whitewash your home, natural fruits contained in our area actually save a million benefits that we rarely know, so in addition we try the natural ingredients to brighten our face is also recommended to always consume fresh vegetables every day so that skin health can be maintained from the outside and inside.

In addition to natural and fresh foods we are also encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle, such as diligent exercise, with exercise helps reduce fat content in the body so as to prevent the emergence of skin diseases arising from fat, such as acne, boils and lainnnya, hopefully this article helps you in getting healthy facial skin, white and radiant, umpteen and thank you.

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