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Having a white face and clean it does not need to cost expensive, here's the tip!

     Who does not want to have a clean, white face from acne? of course everyone wants to have a clean white face and avoid the acne of course in people who often sweat face or oily face can also be the cause of acne. Face is a sensitive thing for everyone, both women and men. Women are already accustomed to do this facial treatment and sometimes they feel at home to spend long time in doing various treatments on the face. Well, for men who want a white face of course you do not need to spend a long time as a treatment. Men are identical to performing simple and uncomplicated activities. For that, for men who want a white face as the demands of his work, some of these tips can whiten and clean the face to make it more interesting:

1. Pay attention to diet
     Why should memoerhatika diet? because without us knowing the pimples that appear and the cause of skin damage that some percent of the food arising from our consumption of course, therefore if you can reduce the oily foods can be replaced with vegetables or fruits, because by eating a healthy and good food our skin, especially on the face that can minimize the timbunya acne and nourish the skin.

2. Rutinlah to Wash Up

     One of the most effective ways to treat your face in a natural way is to wash your face regularly. and, immediately to wash your face after you travel on a motorbike because the dust and air pollution that sticks to your face when you ride a motor can be the cause of a dull-looking face. And try to use a mask while riding a motorcycle and wear a helmet cover.

3. Expand to Consume Fruits

     The skin will be nutritious with a balanced nutrition if we often consume fruits, so it will certainly give a good impact on your skin. To get maximum results, consume these fruits regularly.
4. Do Sports Routinely

     By doing regular exercise then the benefits that you will get the body that became healthy and it also can make your face become more fresh. How to whiten this one face is definitely a very convenient way for you and fresh and clean skin you can get.

5. Cleaning Your Face 2 times a day

     Wash your face a maximum of two times a day, not more than that because it can make the face become dry.

6. Choose a Face Cleanser that Matches Your Skin Type

     Do not be wrong in choosing your facial cleanser because it is not a clean face that will be but the skin problems that others will get. You can consult the SPG seller of the product or his Brand Ambassador (BA) about products that are suitable for your skin. And keep in mind that do not use bath soap for use on your face because this can damage the skin condition a
in the future.

For those of you do not have to worry anymore if you want to whiten face without using cosmetics because some tips whiten and clean the face above can be the right solution for you. May be useful

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