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Want to shrink the stomach? it turns out some of these sports can be effective to shrink the stomach

     Indeed most people who are healthy diet average success and weight decreased, but the average abdomen is not difficult to burn fat in the stomach, of course it is not easy to find a type of exercise to shrink the stomach. In shrinking the stomach, not just the hard work is important, but choosing a variety of sports to shrink the stomach is also very important to support the end result of your efforts.
     Fortunately, the metabolism of fat in the abdomen including the active so it is not difficult to remove stubborn fat in the stomach. Even so, many people simply rely on changing their diet or making themselves starve to get rid of belly fat. Though the state of starvation will reduce the rate of body metabolism and inhibit your weight loss process. So, exercise to shrink the stomach is an important thing done. There are some sports to try to stomach the stomach that we can try:

1. Jogging

     Exercise to shrink the most powerful stomach is jogging. Jogging or walking quickly can burn more calories and increase the rate of body metabolism. When calories burn, fat in the body was widely used to replace the lost energy. So, sports like this not only burn fat in the stomach but fat throughout the body. This means jogging can also be a sport to shrink the stomach and thighs because it burns fat in almost the entire body.

     Jogging or walking is the simplest exercise you can do to burn fat. Plus you only need a pair of running shoes to do it. Do this exercise every day with a minimum duration of 30 minutes.

2. Vertical Leg Crunch

     This sport is similar to sports sit ups, but a bit more complicated and complex. The trick is you lie in a position like going sit up. Then, lift your head and upper half upward. The movement is done when your 2 legs are already above and in a crossed position. So, simply, initially lift your 2 legs up and in this position you do regular sit ups.

3. Elliptical Trainer

     Tools to exercise elliptical trainer are available in the gym. Sports elliptical trainer is especially suitable for you who have joint pain disease, because this sport does not aggravate joint work. This type of exercise burns enough calories, you can burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes using this tool. The figure is pretty good to be a sport to shrink a potent stomach.
4. Back Up

     Backing up is simple enough, that you simply stomach, then put your hand on your head. Raise your half body (from upper abdomen up to head) upwards for several minutes per day. If necessary, you can ask your friends for help to hold your back foot. This exercise will help form the abdominal muscles.

Sit Up
     Sit ups are well known as sports to shrink belly. But it turns out the efficacy of this sport is far less than running or jogging. Sit up alone has its own benefits that can train the abdominal muscles so that when your belly fat is lost, the stomach looks tight. Sit ups themselves can be done on a regular ball used for exercising to increase the resistance of the sport. Remember to not only rely on this sport to shrink the stomach because the calories burned less than running.

6. Cycling

       Doing a good static cycling activity or using an original bike can be a sporting option to shrink belly. Just like jogging or walking, cycling every day with a minimum duration of 30 minutes will decrease the fat deposits in your stomach. You can try variations to avoid getting bored, such as static cycling while reading a book or watching your favorite TV. Original bicycling can also be done as a substitute for a car ride to your office or other away destination.

7. Bicycle Exercise

       This exercise helps to tighten your abdominal muscles, so that your stomach will look firmer and flat. But remember, do not just rely on exercise that involves the abdominal muscles to minimize the stomach because the calories burned from this kind of sport is only a little. How to do this sport is:

- Lie on your back with your hands behind your head
-Raise your knee toward your chest while lifting your head and shoulders upward
-Short your right elbow to left knee while straightening your right leg
-Do the same thing in the opposite direction: move your left elbow to right knee while straightening your left leg
- Do it over and over again
-Reading speed of movement to breathe not to gasp.
-Do 1-3 sets with repetition of movement 12-16 times  

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