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10 powerful natural masks make a bright white face shine deh, must be tried!

     White facial skin is a dream for most, for anyone who wear it. In pursuing the results of the optimal white itupun supported by a variety of ways. One of them is a natural way that utilizes a mask of herbal ingredients. Complex, but not so, because the various natural masks to whiten the face can be blended easily and very simple. In every day, the herbal mask is ready to treat the face to look brighter and of course free from problems.

     Natural mask to whiten the face can not be denied that the skin tends to be sensitive so require extra care to always be well preserved. Nevertheless, the dull and blackened face color makes the appearance look blurry. Such appearances often make the confidence decrease. To remove the dark hue from the face, it can be started with extra care which is the use of mask. Some natural masks and how they are made:

1. Honey Mask Brighten Faces

     No doubt the efficacy of honey in the world of beauty. The benefits are able to brighten the skin and remove the stains on the surface of the face of the face, making the most natural honey selected. Moreover, the material is quite easy to find and the price is affordable, treatment with honey is the most simple. The procedure is:

- Take honey to taste, approximately one tablespoon of cooked.
- Heat briefly until warm.
- Wait until cool, then diusapkan on the surface of the face. When too sticky, can add a little water.
- Use within 15 to 30 minutes or during the night and then rinse afterwards.

2. Natural Mask of Avocado

     Fruits with soft texture and soft is often selected as a beauty nutrition. Good fat content in Avocado not only brighten the face, but also make the skin firmer and youthful. Likewise with the use of masks that can be started from the Avocado fruit itself without any other ingredients. But it can also be combined with other selected ingredients such as milk and honey. In making this mask, it can start with:

- Half a portion of avocado then pour and puree in a bowl.
- Add honey and milk and mix it evenly.
- Apply evenly on facial skin.
- Wait for 30 minutes and rinse with warm water for maximum results.
- Honey Mask Brighten Faces

3. Bengkoang Bleach Facial Mask

     No doubt that Bengkoang is a natural mask to whiten the most powerful face. From this fruit, extracted it is then applied to the face. More details are as follows:

- Peel clean one Bengkoang then blend until soft. Add a little water to make smoothing easier.
- Use grated Bengkoang as a face mask. Be careful not to splatter anywhere.
- Wait until fix, then rinsed with warm water.

4. Cucumber Face Mask Face

     Cucumber is one of the fresh fruit that is good to eat. In addition, the role of this fruit is not far away from the scope of beauty. Usually used to remove black bags around the eye area. But the performance of Cucumber not only that, because it can be used as a face lightening. Especially for you who have skin tend to oily, nutrients in this fruit will help reduce the oil content on the face. It makes skin bright and free of oil elements that make the face look dull and acne.

- Peel Cucumber and cut round with a thin, then paste on face.
- The second way is by smoothing one cucumber and the result of the fruit bucket is used for the mask.
- Rinse with warm water when finished.

5. Lime or lemon mask

     High fruit will contain vitamin C called lemon has a vital role also in the beauty of the skin. Nutrition on lemon or lime as a natural face lightening. In use, this mask can be formulated in the following ways:

- Take half of one lemon and squeeze.
- Combine lemon water with egg whites and stir until evenly distributed.
- Apply on face surface evenly and rinse after enough as mask.

6. Tomato Mask Whiten Face

     Fruits that are also called vegetables are not only delicious made processed and ready for consumption. Tomato fruit is also good for facial beauty, one of which is to whiten the face. The use of this mask is quite simple, including:

- Clean the Tomato to be mashed and use as a mask.
- The second way is to take water from fruit Tomato added honey and used for maskeran.
- Rinse thoroughly afterwards.

7. Turmeric Mask to Whiten Face

      Turmeric is not only used as a spice cook, but also in the world of medicine and beauty. Well, this time we will use turmeric as the main ingredient in making a natural mask to whiten the face. Turmeric contains several minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. And there is also vitamin C content and vitamin B6 is good for the skin.

How to Make Turmeric Mask:

- Enter turmeric powder, lemon juice and honey to the bowl. Mix it evenly.
- Use a face shield or fingertip to apply the mask evenly to the face.
- Let stand for 10-15 minutes.
- The maximum time to silence it on the face is when the mask is completely dry.
- Rinse with warm water and pat with a clean towel to dry.

For maximum results you can use pure honey. And do not be afraid your face becomes yellow, so do not use the mask for too long.

8. Carrot Mask Whiten Face

      High fruit vitamin A can be used also to whiten the face effectively. In its use as a mask, Carrots can be conditioned as follows:

- Peel clean one carrot and puree with a blender. If it is difficult to add a little water.
- Take Carrot extract and add with a spoon of honey. Then stir until evenly distributed.
- Wipe on face surface evenly. Only after being washed clean with warm water.

9. Oatmeal Mask and Lime

     Oatmeal can lift dead skin cells and become an effective peeling material. While lime can help brighten up with the content of antioxidants and vitamin C it. Make skin fresher, cooler and toned.

Materials to prepare:

2 tbsp oatmeal
100 ml lime juice

How to Make Mask:

Mix all ingredients together, stirring evenly.
2. Pulaskan in the face, then after half dry massage with circular movements.
3. Pulaskan again with the remaining ingredients, let stand for 20 minutes.
4. Rinse and dry the face with a towel, by patting.

10. Milk and Turmeric Mask

      The most favorite herb is a mixture of turmeric and milk. Both materials are rumored to help whiten and brighten the skin. In addition, the milk itself has the ability to moisturize to the maximum and smooth the skin.

Materials to prepare:

1 tbsp milk powder
1 tablespoon turmeric powder
50 ml of water

How to manufacture and use:

1. Mix all ingredients to form a mask mixture.
2. Apply face mask and leave to dry.
3. Allow up to 10-20 minutes before then rinsed with cold water.

There are a variety of natural ingredients that are used to treat and maintain the beauty of the skin. Getting a bright facial skin is one of them and can be reached with some of these herbal components. Use of a mask, the best nutrients from the essence of the best ingredients that will be absorbed optimally to the skin surface. Until later, in every day or periodically, natural mask to whiten face can be applied lightly. In addition, commitment to care is an important support that should not be missed. When it's just a joy, then getting a natural bright face of course very, very difficult.

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