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Tips On Choosing The Right Diet Menu For Health

        Diet is the amount of eating that dikonsusmi by someone or a particular organismme, but the word diet more often ditujuka to call an effort to lose weight or regulate certain nutritional intake, Suppose people who are excessive fat in the body or people who want ideal body usually they go on a diet, or exercise to burn the fat that is in the body that is not needed by the body. However, many people arbitrarily eat foods that cause the slow diet process, and his weight was long down. Therefore, food intake should also be considered when dieting. Here are tips on choosing a diet, among others:

1. Fruits
    A. Orange
         Citrus fruit is one of the fruits that are rich in vitamin C to maintain health condition of body and make skin healthier. But do you know if the citrus fruit is a healthy food for the diet for those who crave slim body with ideal body weight because it is effective to burn fat deposited and not needed by the body. We do not have to worry about the sugar contained in oranges because this fruit contains fiber and low calorie karen can control blood glucose levels contained in the blood. Citrus fruit can also be consumed directly or make it as a delicious and healthy juice.
    B. Apple
         When we like to eat sweet herbs like cotton candy, candy, or something that is less healthy when consuming it should replace the less healthy menu with apples. Despite having a sweet and delicious taste, a healthy diet for this diet will not make the risk of diabetes or diabetes increases. This is because the levels of calories, sodium, fiber and fat in apples are low so that we can include apples in the list of healthy diet. In addition, apples can also be made into snacks, fruit juice, fruit salad or a delicious menu for a delicious and healthy diet.
    C. Tomato
          Some people say that tomatoes are vegetables and some say they are included in the fruit. Tomato fruit is very useful to keep the weight balanced so that it can realize the attractive weight and ideal. This is because tomatoes contain high in fiber and low in calories. Healthy foods for this diet also contains lycopene which serves to fend off various diseases and to maintain a healthy body condition. So if you want to progrm our diet success, we can meet the refrigerator with fruit one of the tomatoes are cheap, lively and rich benefits.

    D. Pir
         Pear is one of sweet fruits, fruits, and high water content. When our stomachs are hungry we can consume them because with a high fiber content then the longer keyang we get. So that we can include the pear as one of the healthy foods for the diet. we can also make it a snack, a fresh fruit salad and delicious for your diet.
    E. Banana
         Bananas have undergone a clinical research process that proves to supplement daily nutritional intake. In addition to delicious bananas can be used as a superfood diet or healthy diet for a diet that has gained recognition from around the world. Even bananas can also be used to maintain the health of the skin by smearing it and mix it with honey and used to mask the face to remove dirt and nourish the skin.
    F. Avocado
        Avocado fruit is delicious as juice, or made avocado porridge is getting fresh when added to the ice. Healthy foods for this diet mengandug fat but included in the class of good fats or unsaturated fats needed by the body.

2. Vegetables
    A. Potatoes
         Potato is a food that you can make as a substitute for white rice for carbohydrate needs because the content of potatoes are low in calories. because the potatoes that have experienced the roasting process or boiling the majority is very useful as one of the healthy diet for the diet because it is rich in fiber but low in calories, contains vitamin C, potassium, and B6. But potatoes are not suitable when made in the breakfast menu, but we can make the menu at lunch or lunch and lunch or lunch and lunch. We should manage it with fried because it can absorb the oil that makes the fat into the body. In addition, fatty foods will interfere with diet programs and disrupt our throat channels.
    B. Nuts
         nuts proved able to make a person lose weight, even always get more attention from diet experts who are found all over the world. We can make healthy food for diet like walnuts as a snack, but make sure the beans are not fried.
    C. Beans
         Some call beans belonging to vegetables there are also who call it a vegetable, but what is important chickpeas can make our chances of success in the diet becomes wider. This is because the beans with fiber content in beans that can make the digestive system more smoothly. In addition, blood sugar can also be controlled well by beans. We can manage healthy food for this diet by stir frying it with red chilli or make it a delicious vegetable soup to eat for those of us who are dieting or family meals.

3. Meat
    in this case we must choose meat such as low fat beef that we can spread with soy sauce or spicy season and then cooked. In addition to beef we can also choose chicken breast that holds a little fat and is able to store protein so suitable for our diet. But not recommended for those of us who will be on a diet often eat meat despite low fat because it can make the diet program a mess.

4. Green Tea
     Green tea is an ingredient to make a very effective beverage for your diet program because the antioxidant content called catechin is able to provide a fresh flavor that is able to give a fresh feeling in the body more. Healthy food for diet in the form of green tea is famous in Japan this can make your drink trigger the spirit in the morning and afternoon with other healthy snacks.

5. Wheat Cereal
   Oat meal is one of the most suitable cereals to serve as a breakfast menu. In addition to delicious oatmeal is also very useful because it can make our stomach feel full longer. This is because the high fiber content in wheat so that makes our stomach feel full that will membua our appetite stuck for longer. We can take advantage of this healthy diet for the diet, start the day with a very easy breakfast how to make it.

6. Safe Herbal Puncture
   Consume natural safe herbal slimming is also very helpful to speed up the process of dieting because it helps burn faster and more effective than, in addition to consuming herbal slimming products that are natural and safe can also take advantage of time when we do not beraktifitas in the sense of herbal slimming drugs that will help increase the body's metabolism and increased fat is processed in the body. The most important thing in consuming slimming herbal product is the product has been registered in BPOM RI legitimately.


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