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Healthy diet tips that we should know

       Who does not want to have ideal body with ideal body weight also of course. indeed not everyone wants to have the ideal body, but most people want to have ideal body with ideal body weight also because with ideal body with ideal body weight also can give self confidence. For some people who have abnormal or not ideal weight they usually do the process of dieting. Diet is indeed an effective way to reduce fallow, but there are also people who apply the process of unhealthy diet by consuming chemical-based diet drugs and not applying a healthy diet so it can cause side effects such as illness, even though the diet by taking herbal diet drugs that have been tested how well adjusted to exercise and memelakukan healthy and safe diet without causing side effects.

How To Diet Healthy That Right
Want a healthy diet? therefore we should not go on a fast diet but we must cultivate a healthy and safe diet, because the fast is not necessarily healthy and safe, but a healthy and safe will produce an effective and satisfactory results because the results will not betray our efforts.

1. Intentions, and strong faith beliefs
    Previously we have to plant in us our diet will be successful and healthy with satisfactory results because this can increase our sense of spirit in the diet process so that our diet is organized and run smoothly for the sake of satisfactory results.

2. Determining the target
   It would be nice if we could implement small targets could be started as a first step to weight loss, for example if we like snacking fried foods, or foods containing excess oil should be the intention of now to stop, replace the fried with fruits, vegetables .

3. Eat plenty of water
    Indeed many doctors or health experts who strongly recommend to consume water at least 8 glasses per day because it can prevent or reduce the danger of dehydration, other than that many mengongsumsi white water can also lose weight because the stomach will be full so we will feel full even though not eating.

4. Sport / Active move
   Exercise is one of the dietary activities that we must do. Perform regular exercise to burn fat in the body so that it can lose weight. An effective exercise for weight loss is run (run), jogging, walking, aerobic exercise, or other sports. But if we do not have time to exercise for example we are busy working in the company or offices then sempatkanlah walk, up the stairs do not climb the elevator because by walking up the stairs can burn the existing body fat quickly.

5. Consumption of pistachio nuts
    Pistachios are rarely freshly touted by many, but they usually grow in dry regions such as Western Azerbajian, Iran, and Turkmenisatan. These pistachio nuts are relatively more expensive than other types of nuts. the best low-calorie protein content. so, when we have more money there is no harm in trying to consume these pistachio nuts as one way of natural diet.

6. Eat foods that can burn fat in the body
   These are some types of foods that are effective to burn fat in the body quickly and this is a natural diet without exercise:
    -Fruit Berry: bluberry, raspberrry, and strawberrry. All types of berries are low in calories and contain lots of flavonoids so it is suitable consumed in the diet program and effective for weight loss. In addition, this fruit also contains anti-oxidants that are able to ward off free radicals.
    -Yogurt: is one of the healthy foods rich in vitamins and low in fat. If we consume it regularly every day it can lower the fat level in the stomach by 81%.
    - Egg: is a type of eating that is rich in protein and calories so calories that many health practitioners who pursue to consume eggs when dieting.
   Green Tea: Green tea is a very effective beverage to lose weight. In addition, green tea is also able to me up the metabolism process in the body so that burning fat in the body more quickly. so kekita we want to lose weight quickly then consume green tea every day to get maximum result.

7. Eat fiber-rich foods
    Fruits and vegetables include:
    - Pears - Broccoli
    - Guava - Spinach
    - Banana - Potatoes
    - Other green vegetables
    This food is able to lose weight quickly and healthy.
8. Replace ordinary carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates
  It turns out foods like rice, noodles, and other difficult to be absorbed by the body, therefore replace with wheat, brown rice, beans and other cereals because lebh easily absorbed by the body into energy needed by the body.

9. Choose foods that are processed in a certain way
   Suppose there is a fried, some are steamed or boiled. Nan would be nice to choose foods that are processed by steaming because it contains more nutrients than fried foods in hot oil. Because fried foods usually contain saturated fat and high calories.

10. Reduce consumption of packaged foods
     Should be reduced or avoided when you are trying to diet a healthy and natural because of packaged foods, and fried has high calorie and fat content, not to mention preservatives and salt.

11. Organize the contents of food on your plate
     We have to satisfy one-third of our dishes with low-fat foods such as: fish, poultry, or lean meats. in addition to multiply fruits and vegetables and nuts. Choose also a healthier source of carbohydrates such as: potatoes, and brown rice. if snacking on select fruit that is not too sweet sepetri: apple, tomato, and avocado.
12. Maintain and pay attention to the pattern of dinner
      At night the body does not need much energy intake because it does not do much activity, and sugar in small quantities. So we have to set our dinner pattern simply by consuming fruits and vegetables only, other than that avoid even stop eating oily food if you do not want prut we bloated.

Do not do a quick diet! choose a healthy one
"Because the fast is not necessarily healthy, but a healthy must be precise and healthy"
   Indeed we want to quickly lose weight and become slim, but the diet changes drastically let alone not eat at risk of health problems. In addition, unhealthy endeavor also does not allow a healthy lifestyle change in order to maintain ideal body weight stability in the long term,
Indeed we want to lose weight and want our bodies slim, but the rapid drastic decline is not healthy enough to cause some health risks, besides weight loss like that will not last long and will also be fast again as before. this is the risk that we can face when weight loss quickly:
- Lack of nutrition
-The body is easily tired and feels weak
-Network muscle damaged by fast extreme diet does not burn fat, but body muscle is damaged.
-Weight fast rise again
- Body disorders such as irregular menstruation, hair loss, constipation, and so on.
-Can get serious diseases like dehydration, gallstones, electrolytes in unbalanced body, and so on.

Mistakes people often make when dieting
  We must understand first how and how to properly diet has been explained above, usually people who do not understand about how to diet healthy and natural weight loss usually make some mistakes below:
-Didn't miss the main meal, but this way will tend to make us snacking on snacks at the main meal time.
- underestimate the ingredients of light foods, but there are some snacks that kalorinya not many calorie. So do not forget to check the food labels we will consume on nutrition label check before snacking.
-Determine unrealistic weight loss targets, let's say we have a target of 3 pounds a week. This will trigger us to do everything we can to lose weight including unhealthy diet, we can end up and eat more. By karen it do not do a diet fast but do a healthy diet, because all need to be so important process badn we healthy even though a little bit our weight down, than in fast but many cause things that are not diiginkan.

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