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Quick Tips to Increase Height Naturally

       Want to have a high body? because when we have a high body posture we can take advantage of our body, because when height is very affect especially when we aspire to become Abdi Negara like Police, Army, and others. Therefore, people who have a high body on average much favored by the opposite sex, for example many women choose their partner is not only abundant wealth, handsome face, but a tall body also become one of the main factors, because when women are tall men, her boys are not good to see her too, but if fate ya how else hehe. Therefore it is important for us to have a high posture because many benefits and many people likes too. here are some quick tips to increase your height naturally
1. Stretching / Streching
    One adds to the height by stretching or stretching, after waking up, lizard streching kicking each movement 75 times or jumping as hard as we can, because if after waking up, our body has not done anything, so our body can be free to do even though still aga sleepy but this way it produces fast bone growth. For maximum results, After that it would be nice we drink milk that contains high calcium for the smooth process of our bone growth. Before bed can also ko strecging, the way that is with a straight body sleeping position, and all bodies are withdrawn. then sleep with the correct pattern.

2. Swim
     Swimming is a sport done in the pool or in the water, by doing sports such as swimming, cycling, basketball, futsal, and some are ways to increase the height naturally. Swimming is widely known to have the benefit to increase the height especially if we get used to routinely swim from small in the way and the right swim motion. Due to the way and the motion of the yarn pool can add height to the natural and fast.

3. Cycling
    Having a hobby of cycling is certainly one of the good hobby, because in addition to healthy cycling is also one way to increase the height that can be done easily. This is because the movement of the foot at the time of pedaling, leg muscles will be stimulated and ultimately can increase the height quickly. Do cycling at leisure at least daily at least 15-20 minutes per day.

    Yoga is one way to increase height, we can do yoga in our spare time. Do yoga regularly accompanied by slow music or can use a headset. Adjust the correct breathing in every movement. Plus drink high calcium milk continues if we have more spare time, we can use for cycling or other sports that can elevate the body quickly and naturally.

5. Jump
     Maybe when we see people jumping around without sports, or jumping around alone it's weird. But even so jumping is one way that can add height, as well as cycling by jumping otok legs will be simulated that ultimately make the body higher. Therefore the jump is more suitable to do before bedtime or in the morning and when we do not have spare time even if only a few minutes.

6. Sleep with the correct pattern
     Often we see even ourselves sleeping in the wrong position can cause the posture to be incorrect, such as sleeping with a bent body position, and so on. The correct sleeping position is supine with the head facing upwards, legs straight and not using pillows that are too high.

7. Sleep regularly and avoid staying up late
     When we've been exercising suasah lousy and of course cape too, and at night we even stay up, then the work we do that would be very fruitless. This is because almost 95% of human growth occurs during sleep. At the time of normal activity, there is a spike in human growth hormone that tends to occur about an hour before bedtime. So we need to know that sleeping regularly is something that must be done to increase height.

8. Sufficient calcium needs
    Calcium is an important mineral for bone growth, among other things for the metabolism of the body, the link between the nerves, preventing osteoporosis, the work performance of the heart, muscle movement, and sebgainya. Therefore we need to know the source of calcium from which, the source of calcium is found in foods such as: eggs, milk, bananas, cheese, yogurt, and much more.

9. Maintain posture
    To keep our body and keep the spine not bent, should be to keep our posture so as not to appear bent. While sitting, writing on the table, or walking. As much as possible we should pay attention and keep our posture in an upright position so that it does not affect the shape of the spine, and avoid a quick stooping posture for the future.

10. Enough nutrients in the body
      We need to know that adequate protein, vitamin can help to increase height quickly. Food sources that can sprout bone growth such as milk, yoghurt, cheese, eggs, meat are good sources of zinc, magnesium, and calcium chromium for bone growth.

Avoid The Following Things.
a. Avoid eating before bed, because it can trigger the hormone insulin that can inhibit bone growth.
b. Avoid eating foods that can inhibit bone growth, such as:
- Foods that contain large amounts of fat: junkfood, fried foods, and
- Drink coded, contain caffeine, alcohol because it can inhibit growth hormone
      humans or HGH that can slow down the absorption of calcium which is why it prevents bone growth. We can drink milk or so as a source of calcium for the body.
- Wearing or sucking substances that mengandug nicotine like smoking, or smoking marijuana that negatively affect our health one of them can slow the growth of our bodies.

      These are some of the ways that you can quickly and quickly adjust your height. Do a new healthy lifestyle as described above or that we know so that our body can be high and most importantly healthy and do some steps above that have been described or you know the arrangement with a healthy lifestyle so that results can be maximal. In doing so we do not overdo it and force ourselves to quickly reach tens of centimeters in a short time, but at least once do not hurry so that energy in our body does not run out in vain, which is important in doing so that our bodies are healthy and our body can be high quickly and naturally. Because this all needs a process. It would be nice we do it regularly and do not push ourselves so that our body is healthy and can run activities for the sake of maximum results.


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