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Should we live healthy?

     Of course Healthy is expensive, because healthy also includes the favor of alloh swt. because with the body we can do activities smoothly without any complaints. Therefore not infrequently the people who are in his health, because stout disease comes from a bad pattern of life from yourself.

     Therefore someone who has a bad habit that is done continuously of course they should reduce, even eliminated and replaced with a healthy lifestyle.
   Well this time I will have some healthy lifestyle tips that hopefully we can run it for the body healthy and protected from various diseases.
     What is a healthy lifestyle? Here are some steps healthy lifestyle that we must get used in everyday life.

1. Knowing your current health condition
     More than 70% of people will change their lifestyle after suffering illness, therefore we have to spend our time to check doctor's self so that our health can be well controlled so as not easily affected by disease.

2. Exercise exercise
     Do you exercise regularly? or even sitting everyday sitting, without doing physical activity?
Health experts for you do at least 75 minutes of physical activity every week to tighten the muscles two days for a week. Many types of sports that can help maintain good health. For example, such as jogging, cycling, gymnastics, and dashing again other types of sports. and do not forget to choose a fun activity as a physical activity.

3. Eat the right foods and healthy
    healthy eating greatly affects our healthy lifestyle, therefore we must be careful eating food, because unhealthy yag food can cause our lifestyle is not healthy. Therefore, eat the perfect 4 healthy foods that contain complete nutrition. Starting from the combination of vitamins, proteins, fiber, to minerals.

4. Avoid bad habits that endanger health
In addition to eating the right foods and healthy, we must also avoid even eliminating bad habits so that a healthy lifestyle can be realized properly, such as; Drinking alcohol, smoking, excessive consumption of sweet, fatty foods, often awake, etc.

5. Managing stress
    Stress can come from anywhere, of course from the amount of work that accumulate or activity that is very solid. If we can not manage stress well these conditions can cause depression.
    To manage stress is actually a lot of ways that we can take. For example we can use our free time to berilekasi, yoga, meditation or even undergoing hobbies or activities that we rarely do, due to busy work.

6. Get enough and regular breaks
    Adequate and regular breaks are the key to getting a healthy body and mind. make sure your sleep time is met by getting used to sleeping and waking up at the same time. A warm bath of music, reading a book or novel, can be a sleeping activity that helps the body to rest.

7. Drink plenty of water
    By multiplying drinking water, our body will avoid the emergence of dehydration that culminate in disease. A study at chicago university suggests that a person who consumes at least 8-10 glasses of water, they have a better immune system than those who rarely eat it. thus water can increase the body's immune against disease.

8. Take care of hygiene
    Keeping clean is also a matter of concern, because hygiene can also affect the healthy lifestyle, karen when our environment is clean, then our life will be comfortable, but if our environment is not maintained kebersihanya well, of course we will feel the discomfort, even the ligkingan not kept clean will cause the emergence of disease, therefore it is important for us to get used to maintain cleanliness.

    Thus, hopefully some of the above points can provide how a healthy lifestyle, should a healthy lifestyle is based on the awareness of the importance of maintaining the body and abstain from bad habits that contain diseases that endanger our lifestyle. When our lifestyle is healthy and regular we will feel its own maanfaat, of course life more comfortable and comfortable without any complaints.

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